At North Dallas Counseling Group, our therapists utilize play therapy as a developmentally appropriate modality for treating children. Play therapy is often utilized for children from early to middle childhood as a vehicle to express their experiences and emotions. We understand that play is a child’s natural language, and our therapists walk alongside children to explore, prevent and resolve emotional difficulties. Our therapists are mindful of a child’s developing brain, and utilize this evidence based treatment as an effective tool to promote healing and growth. Research suggests that play therapy is an effective mental health approach, and is most successful when a parent, caregiver, or family member is actively involved in the process. Play therapy is a structured theoretically based approach used to promote creative thinking, self-expression, and to empower children to increase their overall self-esteem.



Much like play therapy, activity based therapy is an effective therapeutic modality utilized for children during late childhood through early adolescence. Activity therapy is often employed by incorporating therapeutic games, creative expression and sand tray therapy to explore a child’s innermost thoughts and feelings. Our therapists help to promote insight and awareness through the blending of evidence-based strategies, skill-building techniques, mindfulness practices, and elements of cognitive behavioral therapy.