North Dallas Counseling Group helps families implement plans and realistic approaches to cope with the stressors related to parenting. Whether parent consultation is done in conjunction with a child’s therapy, or separately, we work to provide individualized treatment plans based on presenting concerns. Our therapists help families navigate the complexities of children’s behavioral difficulties, divorce, loss, ADHD, anxiety, attachment, peer relationship concerns, and academic challenges.


We utilize Filial therapy as an empirically based intervention to assist families in strengthening the parent-child relationship. Our therapists work to train parents and caregivers on becoming an agent of change. During the Filial therapy process, families learn skills to promote reflective responding, provide choice-giving, set age-appropriate limits, and ways to effectively encourage children. Filial therapy is widely used as a foundation in parent consultation work to improve attachments between caregivers and children. It is utilized in assisting children to better articulate feelings, provide a greater sense of security, help parents to understand their child’s emotional experience, and promote a more attuned relationship while learning to interact with their children in a way that is playful and enjoyable again.