North Dallas Counseling Group helps individuals regain motivation and functionality by providing a safe environment to explore emotions. Therapists work alongside the patient to encourage the development of treatment plans for symptom reduction. With the use of evidence-based strategies, our therapists help patients understand the correlation between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Patients struggling with depression may often notice a loss of interest in things that once brought them joy, disruptions in sleep patterns, changes in appetite, lack of concentration, irritability, feelings of guilt/hopelessness, excessive crying, a decline in one’s mood, and other physiological symptoms.


At North Dallas Counseling Group, our therapists encourage collaboration throughout a patient’s treatment. Collaboration includes frequent consultation with patient’s providers and other individuals who are part of the therapeutic process.


North Dallas Counseling Group provides comprehensive treatment to those battling depression and mood disorders. North Dallas Counseling Group gives hope to those by helping individuals regain motivation and functionality, and reduce the severity or likelihood of future depressive episodes through treatments that are best suited for our patients.