At North Dallas Counseling Group, we help individuals to better manage their anxiety. Our therapists work to develop customized treatment plans to understand, and lessen the symptoms patients are experiencing. Therapists utilize evidence-based strategies to promote awareness of how one’s thoughts impact their feelings and behaviors.


Therapists draw upon patient’s intrinsic motivation for change by developing the skills to reframe irrational thinking patterns. We work to collaborate with patients and their families to utilize cognitive-behavioral strategies, as well as exposure methods. Our therapists believe continuity of care is vital to one’s treatment, and work to coordinate frequent consultation with other providers, physicians, and school personnel. We believe a collaborative approach is imperative to achieving optimal wellness.


Therapeutic services are provided to promote symptom reduction to patients struggling with; excessive worry, fear, lack of concentration, racing/intrusive thoughts, restlessness, hypervigilance, physiological distress, panic attacks, compulsive behaviors, and irritability.